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Smartphone makers continue to innovate and develop more and more impressive tech with their devices

As smartphone makers keep developing, improving and innovating their technologies, not
only is there more choice of device for phone users, but the devices’ features and specs
keep getting smarter.
Long gone are the days where you struggled to find a semi-decent smartphone. Nowadays
finding a phone that will meet all your needs and wants in life (and even go above and
beyond those) is easier than ever before.

Photography made easy
When discussing advances in the quality and capabilities of phones, camera setups
immediately comes to mind. Capturing life’s memorable moments through photos and
videos is something that occupies the time of many people, and with selfies having become
so popular, phone cameras need to produce quality, crystal-clear pics. The capabilities of
phone cameras have developed so much that some argue that you no longer need to take a
traditional camera with you wherever you go; simply pull out your phone and snap away.
You also don’t have to be a photography expert to take stunning pictures. The technology
does a lot of, if not all of the work for you, so that all you need to focus on is striking your
best pose. One such example is the SPARK 10 Pro from TECNO, which boasts a 32MP front
camera with three-tier adjustable brightness flashlight, so that you’re able to capture selfies
no matter where you are or the lighting conditions around you.

Longer-lasting batteries and high-speed charging
Another aspect of phones that has developed rapidly is battery size. With more and more
time being spent on phones due to work and personal matters, and with many high-
intensity activities being done on them (think apps, gaming, social media browsing etc.),
batteries need to be robust and long-lasting. These days, most smartphones that are worth
their salt have a 5,000mAh battery, reflected in all of TECNO’s new devices that it recently
brought to South Africa (SPARK 10 Pro, SPARK 10 5G, SPARK 10C, SPARK Go 2023, and POP

7). Charging speeds have also become faster and faster, as who wants to wait for hours
while their phone has to be connected to a plug point? With loadshedding remaining an
everyday occurrence, having long-lasting phone battery life and the ability to top it up
quickly remains a high priority.

Memory Fusion for more convenience
A phone technology that has been developed and is constantly being worked on is Memory
Fusion. This technology draws unused read-only memory (ROM) and channels it to random
access memory (RAM) operations. This enhances the device’s multi-tasking capacity, allows
for seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the
background, quickly retrieves frequently accessed files and apps, reduces lag when online
gaming, and stabilises the phone’s systems for more sustainable performance and longer
battery life. All of TECNO’s new devices in South Africa come with this technology. What is
exclusive about Memory Fusion to TECNO is the three options that users can choose from
when expanding their RAM, rather than being limited to just one.

The 5G future
As 5G coverage continues to be rolled out further in South Africa, more smartphone makers
are bringing 5G phones to the market. TECNO’s SPARK 10 5G device recently arrived in the
country, and is all about speed; bringing faster internet browsing, less lag with online
activities, and low latency when it comes to connectivity. This means that scrolling, posting
on social media, online gaming, streaming your favourite movies and series, meetings,
connecting with family and friends, and other activities you use your phone for are seamless
and effortless.

Alongside all of the aforementioned technological advancements, it will be interesting to
see what developments and innovations smartphone makers come up with next. All in a
quest to make their users’ lives more accessible, convenient and fun.

SPARK 10 Pro, SPARK 10 5G, SPARK 10C, SPARK Go 2023, and POP 7 are all available from
select TECNO retail partners, including Ackermans, Edgars, Game, Jet, Makro, Mr Price, TFG,
and Vodacom (availability varies per retailer and per model and while stocks last) for a
recommended retail price of R6,999 for SPARK 10 Pro, R5,499 for SPARK 10 5G, R3,499 for
SPARK 10C, R2,499 for SPARK Go 2023, and R1,999 for POP 7.

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