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A Success Story

Castle Lite switching to Renewable Electricity to brew their beer

On the 14th of October 2021, after days of experiencing load shedding in the country Castle lite introduces Renewable Electricity. Castle Lite is switching to renewable electricity to brew their beer, they are taking a new direction into changing the lives of saving mass energy while doing it. Castle lite wants to contribute the solution of eliminating load shedding and introducing green energy.

Colleen Duvenage the Brand Director of Castle Lite says, the Renewable Electricity by Castle Lite is to relieve stress from people that worry about load shedding at times and for people to invest in green energy as it is the future for our people. Africa’s largest premium lite beer is on a journey to make sure that all South Africans can enjoy life and their extra cold Castle Lite to the max without interruption.

Reducing the amount of electricity will help the nation pull down the grid by making sure there is more electricity by switching to Renewable Electricity that will be available for everyone. For people to do what they love with switching to renewable electricity it will help the nation save more energy and use it wisely.

Colleen confirmed that Castle Lite is back and it is here to Switch to Renewable Electricity. The goal is to have 100% brewed beer with renewable Electricity by year 2025, even though this is just the beginning of a bright future and enjoyable days with Castle lite it does not end here, this is the start of a brand that has limitless boundaries.