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A Success Story

Meet Mathapelo Pitse, Founder and CEO at J’ADORE D’MOUR

By Pearl Mokgathle

Mathapelo Pitse is the Founder and CEO of J’ADORE D’AMOUR’. It is her valuable skills that have played a great role in making her business ventures so successful, with her first business rodeo having a catering company and selling it to a friend, have been cultivated through her 13 year track record in Corporate and Luxury Retail. This has tremendously benefited J’ADORE D’AMOUR’
as a luxury women’s footwear brand.

Mathapelo boasts immaculate skills in areas such as sales, business development, business expansion and customer relations. These key aspects were integral in the founding and management of J’ADORE D’AMOUR’ to ensure the smooth-running within the business as well as success for the overall brand.

She is a free-spirited woman, a dog lover, a lover of life and all things beautiful with an immense love for luxury. She is a creative at heart, and considers herself an ambivert who is a mad scientist in the creative world. She enjoys most of her time travelling and with family, she is also super camera shy.

When it comes to the creativity and style of footwear development, Mathapelo has always had an eye for minimalistic designs exotic textures and bright colours. This has seen the brand appeal to an audience who believe in a style that should be audacious sophisticated, timeless and unapologetic. Mathapelo gets her inspiration and creativity when travelling because she is also a traveler, but most of all through her appreciation of the sensuality of a woman.
She views the brand as an embodiment of fearlessness and empowerment, as well the embodiment of sheer elegance and grace in the lives of its consumers. From the soul of our Captain of the ship, Mathapelo paired the catchy phrase “A woman should be like cashmere, soft, subtle and expensive!” with the essence of her brand, she believes in independence, fearlessness and elegance that is shown through fashion in a confident and sexy way.

“There are a million others with the same idea as yours, who have failed countless times, who succeeded beyond measure, however don’t focus on others, focus on your idea being the greatest of them all.”

Mathapelo is the heart and soul of J’ADORE D’AMOUR’ and aims to build her brand even further into success and greater heights while giving back to society.

Her passion & life’s work is embedded in building a brand or company which is socially responsible alongside it’s consumers, who are able to give back to society through their purchasing habits, with a greater course beyond just making and selling luxury footwear. She believes in giving back to society, giving back to our children and creating
sustainable initiatives which involve consumer’s contributions. Hence the #1MILLIONSCHOOLSHOES initiative aimed at ensuring that no child goes to school barefooted by raising 1 million school shoes and more to donate to disadvantaged children facing rural & township hardships during their journey to school.